The vibrancy and exceptional range of Gasteig continue to become provided inside the interim district Gasteig Sendling in a paraphrasing machine central place: Urban flair inside the field of craft awaits guests / inside of the location near the Isar River.Philharmonic.The Philharmonic is finding a new home with 1,800 locations for the musicians a concert hall in wooden modular design is built. The entrance is via the listed hall E. This can be also the foyer areas and break catering might be accessible. For the building from the architects Gerkan, Marg and Partners draws (gmp architects) responsible and for the acoustic style on the renowned Japanese sound designer Yasuhisa Toyota.New event halls.

Around the grounds of your Interim district Gasteig Sendling made many function rooms in varying sizes and for different applications Banquet Genres: Among other things, a cinema hall for about 100 men and women, a tiny concert hall for about 120 persons and also a multifunctional hall (theater, overall performance, events and film projections) for about 250 many people.Gastronomy.Set within the Heritage Hall E cafe will supply the culinary care on the visitors. Additionally, a restaurant (inside and outdoors) scheduled in among the modular buildings.Gasteig Munich, Munich City Library, Munich Adult Education Center, Munich Philharmonic, Academy of Music and Theater.The Gasteig and his home institutions will likely be housed in modular buildings, the Munich City Library will discover a new residence in Hall E.Gasteig

The result Sendling.

In the building web page of your “Gasteig Sendling” it comes in huge methods ahead – in these instances obviously, below strict circumstances and safeguards. What happened from June 2019 to Might possibly 2020 in temporary quarters with the Gasteig, this time-lapse video.What occurred until now.The rehabilitation of Gasteig is technically essential and at the similar time a terrific chance for Munich. So citizens usually do not need to quit the give of your Gasteig, a comprehensive outsourcing with the Institute through the five-year reconstruction and re-reference time is necessary.45,000 sqm hunting for.


To the Gasteig provide also maintained during the renovation, had so option accommodation may be discovered. But where? The Gasteig presently features a floor space of more than 88,000 square meters. Though the interim requirements of users could be decreased by about half by different “savings measures”, on the market premises of this size are few and far involving in the Munich region.The favorite: the municipal utility location in Sendling.With the help of an external consulting firm many dozen plots were examined and rejected inside a complex procedure. the municipal utility location at the Hans-Preißinger Street in Sendling: In the long run, a clear favored emerged.It starts.On January 24, 2018, the Munich City Council decided by a big majority for this land as the internet site from the new interim district. be from 2021 Gasteig in the Hans-Preißinger Street will practical experience.

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