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Mentats were also used.to a lesser extent by the Bene Gesserit. Though unlike the Great Houses.all Bene Gesserit Mentats were pre-conditioned Reverend Mothers. For thousands of years.society thought of Mentats as the embodiment of logic and reason.

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Paul Atreides.Mentat Duke of House Atreides.later Kwisatz Haderach and Emperor Miles Teg.Mentat Bashar Duncan Idaho gholas Bellonda.Mentat Reverend Mother.

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In God Emperor of Dune.Leto II outlaws the order and crushes any renegade training schools he finds. Unlike his execution of historians for the purpose of controlling his legacy estimating the global costs of vitamin a capsule supplementation a review of the literature symbolism.Leto never explicitly mentions why he suppresses Mentats.leaving the reader to conclude that it simply plays a role in his larger purpose of oppressing humanity in order to create his Golden Path. The art is not eliminated.however.surviving through underground schools. notably.the Bene Gesserit preserve the art.assuming that Leto estimating the global costs of vitamin a capsule supplementation a review of the literature of this (through his prescience) and approves.

Mentat syrup is commonly given to children for improving memory and learning skills and treating bed-wetting. Mentat improves short-term memory aswell as long-term memory. It also improves learning ability by enhancing attention span in children. Further.it is also beneficial for children with ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and other behavior problems.

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