Nicotinell aid is used as nicotine replacement source to help you to stop smoking.

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However.the duration of treatment may vary depending on the individual response.

NICOTINELL TTS 21 mg / 24 H.transdermal patch with food and beverages and alcohol.

In principle.the Nicotinell TTS can cause adverse reactions similar to those associated with nicotine administered by other means (including smoking) and these are mainly dose dependent. Since the maximum plasma concentrations of nicotine that are produced by the patch are lower than those produced by smoking and fluctuate purchase nicotinell packs.nicotine-related adverse reactions occurring during treatment with the patch can be expected to be less marked than during smoking.

An increase in the occurrence of oral ulcers can occur after smoking cessation. The causal relationship is not clear.

If you smoke or use any other nicotine containing product while you are usingNicotinell Chewing may suffer an overdose of nicotine. However if used correctly.nicotine overdose is unlikely.

It’s also important not to spray more than the required dose.overdosing on nicotine can make you ill and cravings can worsen. Also do not use more than one patch at a time and do not use anything higher than 1mg patches if using together with the Nicorette spray.

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nicotine gum is marketed under several brand names, including nicorette, habitrol, nicotrol, and nicotinell, along with a variety of store-branded nicotine gum products.

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