Another perfect area to look for a cheap detector for sale is a local treasure hunting club. These ‘display specials’ can be a great way to find a cheap metal detector. This method you can still have them willing to support you in case you need components or warranty servicing after you take your new cheap metal detector home.

People lived everywhere so that you can search for coins in different places. Such places have deposits of various objects in the soil, which means that the discrimination option is useful. For a novice treasure hunter, it is best to conduct searches on the territory of abandoned housing facilities. It is forbidden to search on objects of cultural heritage, but it is not forbidden to search in other places. You can dig in different places, but, first of all, you need to find out if it is not forbidden to conduct a search there.

The White’s Coinmaster GT has adjustable notch discrimination as smart notch which allows you to selectively filter out worthless target profiles like nails foil and pull tabs from cans. The beach mode expands the ground tracking range of the coin Master GT to handle wet salt sand keep in mind. ​The device provides automatic ground balance which helps to hunt efficiently and adequately.

Hi, I’m David and I have been metal detecting over 11 years by now. The TimeRanger also comes with the SNIFF feature with this mode you could set a specific target.

Yes, in the best metal detectors review it is rated as a semi-professional device and this is true, but the model is a very popular one not only on American, but on European market as well. Probably, this is the most easy to use device in its class. Garrett has been a leading company on metal detectors market for a long time. Another distinctive feature of the device is its dirt and dust proof control unit with touch keys. Experience has proven that though you don’t know if treasure hunting becomes your hobby or not, it’s better to think about the future.

There are just a few buttons to toggle the sensitivity level, volume, and different kinds of metals to target. This function will help you find the desired metal or alloy when there is a lot of garbage in the search area. Now that you know where to search, all you need is a good detector to get started. There is plenty of gold and treasure waiting to be found. Its coil is eight inches in diameter and waterproof, and the entire thing weighs just under three pounds.

For example, Garrett AT Pro, Fisher F2, Ace 350 Garrett metal detector, etc. The detection depth is basically how deep a metal detector can detect the metals. It is the best waterproof metal detector available in the market. It is an ultra-lightweight and easy to use a metal detector. Discrimination mode is used when you want to target a specific metal.

It provides constant ground condition readouts and real-time computerized ground balancing with a really simple to use interface that will help you get your feet wet with a new hobby. This is also an ultra-lightweight gold detector weighing only 2.5 pounds.

A compact metal detector with the durability to go deep underwater is many treasure hunters’ ideal device. The ability to adjust to eight different levels of sensitivity makes the Garrett Ace 250 a great metal detector for beginners and advanced hunters alike. Experts say that, if you are taking your treasure hunting seriously, you should buy the best metal detector you can afford. However, when a person is just starting out with metal detecting, it’s difficult to know what all the features of a metal detector are, or what features will be best for their needs.

High-frequency metals such as gold register a high reading whereas low frequency like iron will fall lower on the scale. The digital target ID function is really handy and not always featured on beginner models. This is a great feature that will save you time and aggravation.

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